In eDelphi, it is possible to view two query reports simultaneously. This allows you to easily compare the differences and similarities between two different user groups in one view.

Open the ADMINISTRATION -tab of your panel. Under the PROCESS heading, you will see the title  REPORT COMPARISON. Click on it.

At first, you will only see two empty fields in front of you. You can select a query for each fields from the SELECT A QUERY -drop-down menu.

When you have chosen the query,  you will get a similar report as you would get through THE QUERY REPORTS -page. After selecting the query, three icons will appear on the top right of the report fields, which will take you to three different tabs.

From the first tab, you will find the filtering options of the report.
At first, choose the timestamp of the situation you want to examine.
From PAGE section you can choose whether you want to view a single thesis or all the theses in the query.
From the INTEREST AND EXPERTISE GROUPS it is possible to filter the answers on the basis of the expertise matrix, if you have made one for your panel.

From the second tab you can choose the exporting functions of the report.
Through the offered links you can export the report in the format of your choice. The filters you have chosen previously will be taken into account in the report.

From the third tab you can choose whether the report graphics will be shown in 1D or 2D format.