eDelphi 2020

eDelphi.org is a Delphi method tool for research and organizational use of Delphi method that is based on the development work starting in 1998. The software is implemented on the open source principle. In organizational and community use, the network software is chargeable. The reference prices below are VAT 24%.

 Basic use X X X X X
 Creating a panel X X X X X
 Helpdesk X X X X X
 Creating and editing queries X X X X X
 Creating and managing a panel X X X X X
 Inviting and managing panelists X X X X X
 Communicating with panelists X X X X X
 Managing bulletins and materials X X X X X
 Query activities   X X X X
 Query results   X X X X
 Export functions of results   X X X X
 Report comparison   X X X X
 Delphi education       X X
 Delphi quidance and support     X   X
 Time stamping (barometer function)         X
 LiveDelphi service     X   X
 Dictaphone         X
 PRICE 3/6/12 Months 0 € 70/120/200 € 140/240/420 € X/240/420 € X/700/1200 €

The minimum duration of the license is three (3) months. It is possible to upgrade the license during the contract period. All the licenses include unlimited amount of panelists and questions (queries). Plus Edu -service includes the Delphi education (see Delphi education), and Premium Org-service includes method consultation for organizational use in addition to the education.

The subscription process goes so that you first register from the edelphi.org homepage. You will be then in basic subscription level that is free. You can change your subscription level from your profile. After registering the link to profile is located in the right hand corner. After choosing the subscription level you will be directed to credit card payment process. The different levels are described in the info-page. In case you don’t want to pay with credit card, we can send you an invoice, and after we see your payment on our account, we will open the subscription level for you.

How to pay a license?

The software is developed and maintained by Metodix Oy together with Delphi development community (http://edelfoi.ning.com). The current development cycle concentrates on the  development of the software architecture into modular microecosystem. If you have questions concerning the licenses, please contact Antti Kauppi (antti.kauppi@metodix.fi (+358 50 564 1997, zone GMT/UCT +2).