Delphi Method Software

eDelphi help

eDelphi's video instructions contain instructions for both the panelist and the manager, e.g. registering for the program, answering the survey, setting up and managing the panel, and using different types of questions.

You can find video instructions on the eDelphi Help tab. On the left side of the page, all instructions are listed in alphabetical order. Click the name of the help video you want. Both the video help and the help in text format will open in front of you.

Video instructions for the actions of the panelist and Manager have also been collected in their own open panels. Go to the eDelphi home page. On the left side, under the Open Panels heading, you'll see a panels called Anonomous Future, Technological singularity and Video Instructions. 

You can also find video instructions on YouTube where they are compiled into playlists . Click on the provided playlist. You can select the help you want from the list on the right side of the video.

Please note! eDelphi is constantly being developed and some program features may differ from those described in the videos. The reforms have no effect on the logic of using the program.