You can create links to other web pages in the text fields of the query page. In the example case the hyperlink is placed on  the TEXT page. Activate the paragraph in the text you want to create a hyperlink. Then click on the hyperlink-icon above the text field.

Now you will see the LINK -pop-up window in front of you. From the first tab you can define the link type. The options are a web address or an email-address.  In the Address field, enter the web address of your destination to be linked.

When defining a hyperlink, it is important to define where the link will open. You can define it from the TARGET-tab. If you don’t define the target, the opening link will replace the query page, and exit the panelist from eDelphi.  From the drop-down menu, you can choose a suitable option. If you choose POP-UP WINDOW, you have to make extra definitions for it.  Take notice that some of the panelists might have browser settings that block the pop-up windows. The safest solution is to select NEW WINDOW to open the link page to the new tab. From the extra features-tab you can tailor your hyperlink more, but when creating a normal hyperlink it’s rarely necessary. When you have made the hyperlink -definitions, click on the OK-button.