Open the edit mode of the query you have created. You can do it from the PANEL tab by clicking the "paper and pen" icon next to the query. You can do the same from the ADMINISTRATION -tab.

Open the PAGES -tab of your query. There are two options under the PAGES heading: CREATE PAGE and CREATE SECTION. With sectioning, the manager can help to parse the questions. A section won’t be visible for panelists, and this option is not usually used in shorter queries. By clicking on the label CREATE PAGE, you can create a new question to your query. In eDelphi, one question equals one page.

Now choose a suitable query type from the offered menu. By moving the cursor over the page, you can see a description of each question type on the right. I will now choose the TEXT -option.

The TEXT -page is suitable for the first introduction to the query. There you can put, for example, directions or background information for your query. In the TITLE-field, type the title of the page, and in the TEXT field, enter the desired text. You can add pictures, hyperlinks  and media clips such as video embeddings from the toolbar above the text field.

From the bottom of  the page you can define whether the query is visible and commentable, and whether the discussion will be visible also for other panelists. Remember to save your query by clicking on the SAVE button.