Open the PAGES-tab of your query and click on the CREATE PAGE.

Now you will see the QUERY PAGE menu in front of you.

By moving the cursor over the page, you can see the nature and use of each query type on the right.
The form query type is used especially when collecting background information.
The form differs from other  query types in that one page may have many questions
Click on the option.

Enter the title of the query page in the TITLE -field.
You can add questions by clicking the ADD NEW FIELD.
Choose a suitable question type for your question from the offered options.

The TEXT is suitable for short, open answers. Enter your question in the FIELD LABEL -field. Click on the APPLY -button.

The MEMO is suitable for broader open answers. Enter your question in the FIELD LABEL -field. Click on the APPLY -button.

The LIST is a question type, where the panelist selects the most suitable option from the offered options. Type the question in the FIELD LABEL-field. From LIST TYPE MENU you’ll specify, how the options are visually displayd. The options are a radio button list, drop-down list, and a slider.

From OPTIONS you’ll define the options for the answers. You can add more options by clicking the ADD NEW OPTION. Write the options in the chosen rows. You can change their placings by clicking the arrows next to the rows. You can delete the option by clicking the cross next to the row. When your list is ready, click on the APPLY -button.

You can edit a question later by clicking the "paper" icon next to it. You can delete a question by clicking on the ”trash can” icon.

At the bottom of the page you define if the question is visible for the panelists. Remember to save your page!