You can embed video clips in the text fields of most query pages. In the example case, the video will be placed on the TEXT page.

Click on the EMBED MEDIA-icon above the text field. Now you will see a pop up -window in front of you. Type the embed code of your video in text field of the page.

You can find the embed code f.ex. for You Tube -videos the following way. Open the video of your choice. Below the video is a title SHARE. Click on it. Then click on EMBED. If your video is part of a playlist, you can choose the embed code for either the selected video or the entire playlist. From the VIDEO SIZE you specify the size of the video that appears in the chosen target. In eDelphi, the maximum size for the video is 853 X 480. Copy paste the embed code from the text field. Paste the code into the text filed in the popup window of the query page. Then click on the OK -button.

If you have marked your query as active, you can go to check how your video will look like for panelists. Click on the title of the query in the left corner of the QUERIES PAGE. Then click on the name of the query page you have embedded the video.