The queries can be answered in a layered way. In one hand it makes possible to answer in small time slots too. On the other hand it gives a panelist a change to ponder the themes thoroughly, and it also offers the possibility to involve in dialogue with other panelists.

Answer the questions. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to answer to ten question query.
Argue your answer choices selectively to the comment box. This takes approximately 10-20 minutes, although there are a lot of individual variation.
Read the other arguments and comment spontaneously and briefly on the most interesting ones.
Check your own answers and edit the arguments.
Participate in the discussion on the basis of stimuli and learn from the arguments.

You’ll receive stimuli to your email, if another panelist comments your argument.
You can get the stimuli on and off in the PROFILE section of the eDelphi home page. In most cases, the manager informs and engages panelists actively during the delphi round.