Open the PAGES-tab of your query and click on the CREATE PAGE.

Now you will see the QUERY PAGE menu in front of you.

By moving the cursor over the page, you can see the nature and use of each query type on the right. The BACKGROUND INFORMATION FORM is designed to collect the most common background information. You can use it as it is, or make some light editing. For the FORM-query type, it is possible to build a fully customized, multi-question form. 
Click on the option.

Enter the title of your query in the TITLE -field. Below the title you will see the ready made suggestions for the background questions. The default questions are the list type. You can edit the questions by clicking the ”paper and pen” -icon next to the titles.

From FIELD LABEL you can change the title of the question.
From Type, you can specify how the list is displayed visually. The options are a radio button list,  a drop-down-list and a slider. You can add more options by clicking the ADD OPTION. You can change the places of the options by clicking the arrows next to the row. You can delete an option by clicking the cross next to it. After you’ve done the changes, click on the APPLY -button.

To add more questions, click on the ADD NEW FIELD. The question type options are the same as in the FORM-query type. The TEXT and MEMO types require open answers, and the LIST is for ready-made options. Choose the type of question you want. Fill in the informationrequired and click on the APPLY-button. You can delete a question by clicking the ”trashcan”- icon next to it.

At the bottom of the page you define, if the page is visible for panelists. Remember to save your query.