Open the PAGES-tab of your query and click on the CREATE PAGE.

Now you will see the QUERY PAGE menu in front of you.

By moving the cursor over the page, you can see the nature and use of each query type on the right.
The simple scale-question is one of the basic query types of delphi-method. Panelists often find this querytype motivating for its clarity, especially when the answers are seen on real time. In most cases, the probability of the phenomenon - usually the future thesis - is examined on a scale that is presented as a bar graph. At a glance, the panelist can see the arguments and the distribution of both his/her own and other panelists’ answers. Click on  the option.

Enter the title of your query in the TITLE -field. Write your question or your future thesis in the THESIS field and write the explanation or the background information in the bottom text field if necessary.

Below the text fields, you'll see the default settings for your query. You can edit the settings by clicking on the SHOW OPTIONS.

At the LABEL field, mark the criterion variable for your question. The most commonly used criterion variable in the 1d scale is the probability.
From the TYPE menu, you choose how the scale is visually displayed.
The options are a radio button list or a slider. From the OPTION, you specify the scale scope. You can delete options by clicking the cross next to the row, and add options by clicking the ADD OPTION.

At the bottom of the page you define if the question is visible and commentable, and whether the conversation and the answers are also visible to other panelists. Remember to save your query.