When you have logged in to eDelphi or accepted an invitation to join the panel, you will see your name at the top right of the page. Below it, you see the title PROFILE. Click on it.

Now you will see your Profile information in editing mode. Under PROFILE you can edit your personal information. From PICTURE, you can add a profile picture. Click on the CHANGE. Choose a picture from your own files by clicking the CHOOSE A FILE. The maximum size for a picture is 100 kilobites. After you have chosen the picture, click on the UPDATE PICTURE.
If you want the panel manager to inform you when somebody have replied to your comment in the panel, tick the box at the bottom of the PROFILE section.
After you have done the changes, click on the UPDATE PROFILE.

Under SUBSCRIPTION LEVEL you can see your current subscription level. You can change the level by clicking the offered link.

Under PROFILE PASSWORD you can change your password. Enter your old password in the top field. Please take note, that if you have been invited to the panel, you don’t have a password yet. In that case, leave the field empty and move on to NEW PASSWORD-field. Enter your new password two times in the following two fields. Then click on the UPDATE PASSWORD.

Under EXTERNAL AUTHENTICATION PROVIDES you can activate the log in -possibilities through Facebook, google, and twitter.
By activating all or some of the options, you can log in to eDelphi via this program and its IDs.
You can do it from eDelphi front page by clicking the logo of the program in question. You can still log in also with the email-address and the password you have provided.

Under INVITATIONS you can see all the panels you’ve been invited. You can refuse an invitation by clicking the trashcan-icon next to it.