In the Delphi-method, it is crucial to recruit the panel in a way that it covers the expertise and parties that are relevant to the phenomenon in question and its future perspective. Thus the argumentation of the thesis and themes will be diverse and comprehensive. In eDelphi, it is possible to create an expertise matrix for this purpose. The matrix will help both in building the panel and in analysis, when the answers and results of any part of the matrix can be exemined separately.

Open the ADMINISTRATION tab of your query. At the top of the page you will see the PROCESS header, and below it, PANEL’S EXPERTS. Click on it.

Now you will see the MANAGE PANELS EXPERTS view in front of you. When you are creating a new panel, the EXPERTISE MATRIX is empty. The matrix will be built with the interests on the vertical axis and the expertise' on the horizontal axis. The matrix should not be too large, because it is difficult to control.

The matrix is created under ADD INTERESTS AND EXPERTISE GROUPS OF A PANEL. Type the interests of the vertical axis in the ADD NEW INTRESS -field, and click on the ADD -button. Type the expertises of the horizontal axis in the ADD NEW EXPERTISE -field, and click on the ADD-button. You can edit the titles of the matrix by clicking the ”paper and pen” -icon next to them. You can delete a title by clicking the ”trash can” -icon next to it.

When you have created an expertise matrix, you can place the panelists into the matrix by dragging the name of the panelist to the cell of your choice. One panelist can be placed in multiple cells. You can delete panelists from the matrix by clicking the cross next to a name.

The manager can also examine and manage the placings of an individual panelist from the ADMINISTER USERS -tab. Open the ADMINISTRATION tab. On the bottom right corner you will find the USERS heading, and below it, ADMINISTER USERS. Click on it.

Under PANEL’S USERS you’ll see all panel experts. Clicking the panelist name displays the panelist's profile on the right side of the page. Above is the panelist's basic information. You can specify a person's role in the panel under ROLE. The options are a panel manager, a panelist, and a panel guest. Below the USERS EXPERTISE  heading, you will see the expertise matrix and panelist's placement in it. You can add and remove panelist’s expertise and interests here too.