Open the panel you want to answer to. In the middle of the panel's front page, you'll see all queries of the panel. You can answer to only one query, or all of them in any order. Click on the query you want to answer to.

Now you will see the first page of the query.
Often, the query starts with an introduction page that does not require answering.
However, it is possible to comment on the help page if the panel manager has so defined. Click on the SKIP QUESTION or NEXT  to access the first question page.

At the top of the page, you will see a future thesis, that is, a question. There are often more information and backgrounds about the question below.

Below the text section you will find the answer field. The answer view varies depending on the type of query.

Most questions include a comment box in addition to the response field, where you can write further arguments for your answer or comment the thesis.
Below the comment box, you will see comments from other panelists if the Delphi manager has defined them open for viewing. You can participate the conversation by clicking the answer-button next to each comment.

After answering the question, you can move on to the next question by clicking the NEXT-button at the bottom of the page. Similarly, you can return to the previous question by clicking the PREVIOUS -button.

Each click will automatically save the response. The feature allows the panelist to answer the questions even in small time intervals.

Delphi-method allows also skipping the query pages if the panelist is not interested in the thesis or doesn’t feel they have the competence to answer to it. In that case, click on the SKIP-button.
It is also possible for a panelist to jump between different query pages.
Hold the cursor on top of the query number, and then click on the title of the query.  Please note that your potential answer will not be saved!

At the bottom of the last query page there’s a SAVE-button. After you have answered all the query pages you want, click on the button. After saving the query, you will return automatically to the front page of the panel.