Open the PAGES-tab of your query and click on the CREATE PAGE.

Now you will see the QUERY PAGE menu in front of you.
By moving the cursor over the page, you can see the nature and use of each query type on the right.
For the  Expertise query type, you have to set up an expertise matrix beforehand.
You’ll find the the instructions for that in a separate video guide. In the Expertise query, the panelists place themselves in the matrix. Click on the option.

Enter the title of the page in the TITLE -field and write the explanation in the bottom text field if necessary.

Below the text fields you will see the expertise matrix you have created.
On the horizontal axis you can see the expertise and on the vertical axis, the parties. You can not edit the matrix through the query page.

At the bottom of the page you define if the page is visible for the panelists, and whether the answers are also visible to other panelists.