You can inform of current issues of your panel in the bulletins section. The bulletins will appear on the right side of the panel’s front page, under the label BULLETINS. You can add a bulletin by clicking the ”paper” -icon next to it.

Write the title of your bulletin in the TITLE-field. Write your announcement in the lower field. Through the tool bar above the text field you can edit the text, and for example add hyperlinks, pictures, and videoclips. When your bulletin is ready, click on the SAVE-button.

You can edit the bulletins by clicking the ”paper and pen” -icon next to the bulletin’s title. You can delete a bulletin by clicking the trashcan-icon next to its title.

You can also manage the bulletins from the ADMINISTRATION -tab of your panel.
Under the  PROCESS -label you can see a title MANAGE BULLETINS.
Click on the title.

Now you can see the bulletins on the left side of the page. You can create a new bulletin and edit or delete bulletins in the same way as in the front page.