Open the ADMINISTRATION-tab of your query.

Below the PROCESS heading, see the QUERY RESULTS section. Click on it.

On the left side of the page you will see all the queries of your panel.
Click on the name of the query you want to examine.

Now you can see the QUERY RESULTS -view in front of you. On the left side, you can see all the thesis' of the chosen query, and the rest of the queries. You can change the thesis or query by clicking on the SHOW REPORT-icon next to its title. If you want to download the results directly without filtering, click on the EXPORT OR DOWNLOAD REPORT -icon.
You can delete the answers of a query or a thesis by clicking on the ”trash can" -icon.

At the bottom of the page you can will the label PANELS STAMPS. At first, choose the timestamp of the situation you want to examine. If you don’t choose a stamp, eDelphi will show you the results of the current situation.

At the top of the page you will see the heading FILTER. From the fields below you can choose how the results will be filtered.
From the INTERESTS AND EXPERTISE GROUPS section you can filter the results according to the Expertise matrix, if you have created one. Activate the cell or cells of the matrix by tapping them.
From the USER GROUPS section you will see all the panel groups you have created. Activate the group or groups which results you want to examine.
From the OTHER OPTIONS section you can choose whether the result graphics will be shown in 1 D or 2 D form. When you have chosen all the filters, click on the  APPLY FILTER -bar.

Now you can view the filtered results in eDelphi.
Below each of the theses, you can see the results of the answers in graphic form.
Below the graph you will see all the panelists' replies combined with the comments.

You can also export the report as a PDF-document or google-docs. Below the filters you will see the EXPORT REPORT section. From REPORT CONTENT you choose whether you want the report as a PDF or as a Google document.
From REPORT CHARTS, select the type of file  you want the report graphics. From REPORT DATA you choose whether you want the report’s data as a CSV -file or as a Google spreadsheet. Exporting or downloading the results might take a while.