You can add pictures into the text fields of most query pages. Pictures can be added either from the background materials imported to the panel, or from the url. Pictures can not be imported into eDelphi directly from your own files. In the example case, the picture is attached to the TEXT-page.

Select the spot in the text you want to attach the picture to. Click on the picture -Icon above the text field. Now you will see the PICTURE FEATURES -pop-up window in front of you.
You can attach pictures from the Google Docs you have imported to the panel. For more detailed instructions on importing Google Docs from the video guide BACKGROUND MATERIALS. Click on the BROWSE THE SERVER. Now you will see the BROWSE THE MATERIALS -window. There you can see all the graphic material imported to your panel. Click on the name of the chosen picture. Now you will see the picture in preview-field.
You can customize the size of the picture at WIDTH and HEIGHT sections.
The picture size will be scaled automatically when you change one of the variables.
From the FRAME section you can specify the size of the frame for the picture. From the HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL STATEs you can add more empty space either to the sides or above and below of the picture.
From the FOCUS section, you can specify the position of the image in the text.

You can attach a picture also directly from the web. Type the url-address in the ADDRESS -field. Scale the picture as you like. You can create a link to the original picture from the picture you attached to the text. Write the url-address of the picture in the ADDRESS -field. Define how the link will open from the TARGET -menu. If you don’t define the target, the opening link will replace the query page, and exit the panelist from eDelphi. The safest choice is NEW WINDOW. From the EXTRA FEATURES-tab you can customize your link even more, but normally it’s not necessary. When you are ready, Click on the OK-button.