Open the ADMINISTRATION -tab of your panel. At the bottom right of the page, you'll see the USERS heading and below it INVITE/ADD USERS. Click on it.

You will now see the INVITE USERS TO THE PANEL -tab view. On the right side, you will see the panelists already attached to the panel. At the top left you can see the INVITE/ADD USERS section. This allows you to invite individual users to the panel.
Enter the e-mail-addresses of the invitees to the field below the title one at a time.

When the program offers the correct address, click on it. The addresses of the invitees will appear below the USERS TO BE INVITED heading.

From the CSV FILE you can invite user groups. Instructions for this can be found in a separate video guide.

In the INVITATION section, you can edit the invitation to be sent to all new panelists. You can customize the invitation to fit the panel.
Data in square bracket will be automatically updated. Do not modify or delete the the text inside the brackets. It allows new panelists to join the panel.

Below the label ACCEPTING THE INVITATION REDIRECTS TO you can define into which page the acceptance link will lead. The default setting is the main page of the panel.
If the panel consists of several queries and you would like the panelists to answer only one, choose the query in question.

By clicking the ADD USERS DIRECTLY, chosen panelists will not receive an invitation, but they will be added directly to the panel.

When you are ready, click on the SEND INVITATION button.

After a while, the panelist will receive an invitation to his email. By clicking on the invitation link, the panelist can access the panel page specified by the Manager.