You can create background material for your panel in the eDelphi program or import Google documents from either the PANEL-tab  or the ADMINISTRATION-tab of the panel.

On the left corner of the PANEL-tab, there is a heading DOCUMENTS and next to it, two icons. By clicking on the first icon you can import Google Documents to your panel.

Now you can see a list of your own Google Documents. Tick the box next to a document you want to import. If you want to attach images to your query pages, you must first import the images as Google documents to your panel materials.  Google Docs can be, for example, Pictures, presentations, texts, tables. Different formats behave when downloadingn either so that the content opens to the workspace or alternatively it loads as a file to the panelist. When you have chosen the documents, click on the IMPORT-button.

By clicking on the second icon, you can create a new document in eDelphi.
Now you will see the MANAGE MATERIALS -view. On the right side, you will see the title EDIT DOCUMENT. in the NEW DOCUMENT-field, type the title of your document. You can create multiple pages in one document. In the TITLE-field, type the title of the page.
In the lower text field, enter the contents of the document page. You can, for example, formulate text, paste text from clipboard, and add hyperlinks, images, and videos from the toolbar above the text field. When your document is ready, click on the SAVE-button.

You can see the background materials of your panel on the left side of the page. You can import more google documents or create new documents from the icons next to the BACKGROUND MATERIALS. You can delete an individual document by clicking on the trashcan -icon next to it.