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Happy New Year!​

December 16, 2020

In 2021, a new eDelphi will be built. The first version of the current program was released almost ten years ago, which is a long life for the software. 2020 has been a success in light of the figures. Figures are taken from Google Analytics statistics:

  • The number of users has increased by 115.9 percent from the previous year
  • The number of sessions has increased by 100.1% and more than 35,000 have been held
  • The average duration of a session is 11 minutes 23 seconds, which has also increased by more than 12% from the previous year
  • 56.1% of users are men and 41.9% are women
  • Two out of three who first found their way to eDelphi will return there later, and more than half of them will be addicted to continuous use.
  • The highest use is in the group of 25-34 year olds 23.6%, the younger is 11.4%, the retirement age, ie over 65 years old is 15.3%
  • eDelphi users can be found in 133 countries in the past year alone, with Malawi, Zimbabwe and Bahrain joining last.
  • In addition to Finland, the most popular user countries are Germany, the USA, the UK, Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands, China, India, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Spain and France, all of which grew by more than 200%.
  • The ascendants of the year are Netherlands, Austria, Estonia, Italy, France, Australia and Spain
  • The use of eDelphi is clearly targeted at weekdays, which start at 8 am, the development of working life is reflected in the fact that the days stretch from the beginning, last year most turned off the machine by 8 pm
  • The most used browser is Chrome (58.4%), followed by Firefox (15.2%), Edge (11.1%), Safari (8.9%) and Internet Explorer (3.5%)
  • 89.7% of eDelphi users have laptops or desktops, 1.0% have tablet users and 9.3% have a mobile environment
  • The majority of users come from Windows computers (69.4%), compared to 18.6% of Mac users
  • Mobile is dominated by Android (57.0%) before iOS (41.0%), Windows is the platform for 2.0% of mobile users
  • Most come to eDelphi directly by typing an address (59.7%), Google directs one in four (25.1%), the rest are distributed to various input sites such as ResearchGate, and Paytrail
  • Some of the most influential environments are ResearchGate (68.3%) and others in order of importance Facebook (12.4%), Ning (7.3%), Linkedin (4.1%), Twitter (2.9%), Diigo, WordPress , Reddit, Youtube (0.24%) and Instagram. The Some route is so far rare, with only 2.4 percent of all traffic being routed through some media.

In 2021, a new generation software version will be designed and developed for the use of the Delphi method. The goal is to launch the new software version before the end of the year. Alongside the new, the existing eDelphi software will be maintained until it is integrated into the new version at the earliest by the end of 2022. The future sustainability of the new eDelphi software will be secured by an international Delphi study in spring 2021.

eDelphi prices will rise moderately at the turn of the year, so it’s worth placing a new order later this year.  At the same time, licensing options are simplified.


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