After a round or several rounds of data collecting, you can create a timestamp for your panel. The stamp will freeze, in essence stamp, the current state of the panel.

So you can later return to the situation at that time, and make comparisons, for example between two or more moments in time. The feature allows time-based observation, i.e. a barometer.

Open the ADMINISTRATION -tab of your panel. Under the PROCESS -label you can see the title PANEL’S STAMPS. Click on the title.

Now you can see the MANAGE PANELS STAMPS -view in front of you. On the right side you can see the label NEW STAMP.  In the upper text box, type the name of the stamp, that is, the date. In the lower text box you can write a description of the situation if desired.
Click on the SAVE-button. Saving might take a while.

On the left side of the page you will see the title PANEL’S STAMPS. Under the title you will see the stamps already created. You can create a new stamp also by clicking on the icon next to the label

You can view time-stamped results when you open the QUERY RESULTS from the panel's ADMINISTRATION tab.
Under the QUERIES -label you can see all the queries of your panel. Open the one you want to examine by clicking. You can now see the label PANEL’S STAMPS in the bottom of the page. Click on the stamp in order to see the results of a specific date.