If you want to add a large number of panelists at one time, you can do it effortlessly by making a csv or txt file from their email addresses.

You can do it, for example, through a Google Table, by typing each e-mail on its own line without punctuation, and downloading it to csv. You can do the same with Googledocs, which means the file type is txt. Corresponding measures will work with the same definitions in Excel and Word.

When you have greated a csv- or txt-file, open the ADMINISTRATION-tab of your query. At the bottom of the page, there is the USERS section, and below it, INVITE/ADD USERS. Click on the title.

On the left side of the page, you'll see the title INVITE/ADD USERS and below it, CSV FILE. Click on the ADD FILE. Select the csv or txt file you created from your own files and then click DOWNLOAD CSV. Now you will see all the email addressess of the file below USERS TO BE INVITED.

To invite panelists, click SEND INVITATION at the bottom of the page, as long as you have first edited the invitation to be send to the panelists.